IMG_1415Come wandering is my blog featuring my passions – travel and food. My philosophy is to explore the world as you would on a magic carpet – over the rainbow – and take you with me. I have lived on the ancestral lands of the Bundjulung people, sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Region of Northern NSW, Australia. I have rainbows in my family and as travelling retiree, see myself as a Rainbow – not a Grey – Nomad. The blog aims to profile quirky places I have been and features the people I’ve met and the food I’ve eaten on the way or made myself.  I pay my respects to traditional elders, past, present and emerging on whose lands I travel and live.

I am a retired nutrition academic but have also operated an organic herb farm with my family. Growing food, making it into dishes and sharing with others have been central to my life. I have always travelled and always keep a travel journal – blogging is a step into the 21st century. The experience of backpacking across Asia and the Middle East on the cheap in the 1970’s introduced me to people, places and food beyond my wildest dreams – and wonderful generosity. My blogs aim to capture the same generosity. Now I want to travel in somewhat more comfort but retain the unpredictability of those earlier times. I mostly travel together with my husband, a retired chef and we can often be found in a local food market or someone’s garden. I’m still a little challenged with all the technology and am also keen to respect the privacy of the people I meet. So in a nutshell, this blog is about:

  • sharing my experiences with family and friends
  • promoting locally grown food
  • respecting people from all cultures
  • exploring out of the way places
  • improving my writing skills

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I stumbled upon your blog as another nomad and absolutely love what you’re doing. Keep it up and know this younger nomad is so inspired by how you’re living your life.


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