The 80th birthday celebration

Moving up a decade seems a big step. We celebrate these milestones when we are younger with some trepidation. Turning 30 means less partying, a few grey hairs and the question of ‘where is my life going?’ But once you turn 60, well! life is really worth celebrating. So when you get to the 9th decade, you really should be treated like a queen. And the celebrations for Edith’s 80th birthday, started with the big secret over 12 months ago, when her dear brother decided to surprise her on the day, travelling half way around the world.

Making the stand
Wrapping presents
Helium balloons


Preparations were done in secret. This included digging up a nearby forest for moss and sand to prepare the birthdayimage heart stand and filling balloons with helium. A Frankfurter Kranz cake, with layers of sponge, creme patisserie and hazelnuts was collected. Presents were prepared and bogus phone calls were made from Australia.

At last the moment arrived, when the two vacant spaces at the birthday afternoon tea table could be filled by the mystery guests. imageimageAn event to be celebrated with ‘Sekt’, hugs and just a few tears.

Hertzliche  Gerburtstag, Edith!


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