In the Heimat

Our arrival in Germany without our luggage, brought back memories of unpreparedness for the cold weather. Dashing about Frankfurt airport wrapped in a pashmina and a shell jacket, we were guided by two, dour airport officials to a faraway little regional aircraft parked right at the end of the airport and took off just 45 minutes after landing frIMG_0035om Singapore. Our luggage did not receive the same efficient treatment but arrived a few hours later by taxi, delivered to our rustic farmhouse in the country.

The Fromme family greeted us wit the usual fabulous hospitality – and now obligatory warm clothes! No jet lag for us, as Martina whisked us off for a walk ‘Into the Woods’ where we met deer, huge beech, oak and fir trees and no Little Red Riding Hood.

imageWe continued our spring walks on th enemy foggy morning meeting some strange friends en route and stopping for the obligatory coffee and cake, at the famous Schultze caffeehaus, renowned for its Lebkuchen and Honigkuchen. These specialities originating from Holland, are usually consumed around Christmas and feature honey oimagelso cinnamon cake and are often coated in chocolate. At Borgholzhausen, where the family business is still conducted from the original farmhouse, these delicacies are available all year round. Hurray!


Our visit is a secret from Fred’s sister Edith, who turns 80 on Saturday. The preparations include cake, balloons on a special stand with photos, and it has required us to make a bogus phone call from Australia this morning. All the family, except our Mia, have gathered and are bursting for the surprise to begin. Till later.


3 thoughts on “In the Heimat

  1. Wonderful word pictures Sue. Really enjoying this. All the best to the birthday girl and all your plans! Rose


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