In the Heimat

Our arrival in Germany without our luggage, brought back memories of unpreparedness for the cold weather. Dashing about Frankfurt airport wrapped in a pashmina and a shell jacket, we were guided by two, dour airport officials to a faraway little regional aircraft parked right at the end of the airport and took off just 45 … More In the Heimat

Ni Hao from Singapore

Our first action-packed day in Singapore started with breakfast at Marina Bay Sands shopping complex – early breakfast or even shopping is de riguer in Singapore. Nothing opens till late, however suitably nourished we tackled the Gardens by the Bay with our free Simgapore Airlines Stopover pass. Emerging from the subway (yes, we even managed … More Ni Hao from Singapore

Farewell for now!

Here we are at Brisbane airport waiting to board our Singapore Air aircraft and the first leg of our journey. Checked in with a groovy young soccer team – Umbro, whoever they may be – very fit, spunky young men anyway! Brisbane international airport is undergoing renovation but we managed a reasonable breakfast snack after … More Farewell for now!